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According to some historians and publicists, the sex annoncer thuringen thought of the possibility of an alternative socialism was unbearable to them than outright counterrevolution.
At a meeting with members of the Czechoslovak leadership in Moscow, held after the invasion, Brezhnev had to argue their position.
Leonid Brezhnev, already in late February, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine Petro Shelest, accompanied Brezhnev to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, wrote in his diary: "There are adult friend finder dating sites i canada secretive force, taken possession of all the media, all sorts.
In mid-July on anonymous letters near the western border voksen lokale sex police found five boxes with American rifles during World War.In Soviet samizdat then appeared the poem: "I know that it will be better, Because on the ground, our walks, Soviet Dubcek, Soon he will be in the Kremlin ».One of the first acts of Alexander Dubcek, who headed the ruling Communist Party January 5, 1968, was the abolition of censorship and the designation of party bodies to inform the public about its activities.From 17 to 25 May in Carlsbad rested Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin.It turned out that caches long ago laid the Czechoslovak state security in the event of war.In May, the newspaper "Berliner Zeitung" appeared sensational information: Prague saw eight US tanks!Marshal Andrei Grechko, it turned out the historical film was shot, no tanks were not, and there was a crowd of extras in the American military uniform.
According to reports, on the eve of the invasion of Soviet spies and their colleagues from the Warsaw Pact countries are actively engaged in a "special operation" to justify future military actions.
In contrast to Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia has never raised the issue of withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact.
Czechoslovak leaders did not believe.
Are you really do not know who you are dealing?When the West was named this concept "doctrine of limited sovereignty" in Moscow rebelled and called the term anti-Soviet slander."In domestic policy, you do what you please, without paying attention to the fact, whether we like it or not - he said.Commander of the Airborne Forces Vasily Margelov reported: "Comrade Minister, all seven divisions Airborne, ready to smash to pieces any enemy!».Former party worker who became a diplomat, was not surprised that the Secretary General spoke of the sovereign state as the Soviet property.Decided to enter the Warsaw Pact troops in Czechoslovakia.