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Does this explain the reason that, if Germany did have the atom for such a sex date med pige bomb.
Hydrick, Critical Mass: The Real Story of the Atomic Bomb and the Birth of the Nuclear Age.For these various Nazi survival myths and legends, Hitler's survival is not so much a fact, as a grotesque parody of an icon, a disturbing possibility that hovers.There were no fasteners, weld(sic rivets, or fittings holding the fuselage together." 28 Another unusual technological feature that, in 1947 at least, would have argued strongly for an ET origin of the craft was the apparent biological-mechanical " interface" between pilot/crew and the craft that.A fuel-air device would at least account for the charring.17 So, what exactly did the German pilot Hans Zinsser see on that night of October, 1944, as he flew his Heinkel bomber over the twilight skies of northern Germany?First, it states clearly that " Human origins may not be constrained to one planet.Farben to build an industrial plant to produce artificial rubber and gasoline from coal at Auschwitz, taking advantage of the concentration camp's supply of slave labor.Note that if the craft's speed were in the area of a mere 1,200 MPH, as this portion of the document states, then the use of such a craft for interplanetary exploration would seem to be absurd in the extreme, particularly if it is maintained.Stevens further speculates on the possible motivation for the UFO over flights of sensitive areas of Washington DC: "Was this overflight in retaliation for the Byrd over-flight of the German base in Antarctica and designed to show the Americans they had no control over their.What is described here sounds very much like a 1947 description of an integrated circuit.
Hitler was its prophet, its "theorist Himmler was its "facilitator" the Dark Eminence who moved the pieces into position; 179 And Kammler was its engineer, the Black Magus who coordinated it all on a day to day basis, and who built the "monuments machines, and.
Sightings prompted a nervous and unconvincing Pentagon press conference - the only one ever given by a general officer from the Pentagon - on the subject of UFOs.25.
Bohm ended his plasma experiments at that point.But there is good reason not to dismiss even the " continued research" allegation too quickly, for it conforms to a well-known pattern of secret post-war West German corporate and military research on the continent on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Africa.The industrialists gave Hitler the money to overcome his financial problems, in turn for a pledge to break the German trade unions.If such an Ultimate Weapon has already been in existence for more than fifty years, then it is a legitimate question to ask what today's military really, actually possesses.; Ft Lawton, Wash, 5-Stewart Field, NY, - Aircraft: In addition to F-5, included F-4, P-40, and F-6 and B-25, 1945- Operations: Combat in CBI, -Service Streamers: None.They certainly did not believe that the German captains had taken their ships on a South Atlantic excursion of three to four months just to surrender to the Argentines, as Captain Schaeffer of the U-977 and Captain Wermoutt of the U-530 actually, and apparently.But another explanation is that Hirohito's cabinet ministers knew something.Copper material." 46 Moreover, apparently enough examination or analysis and speculation had been done for the investigators to conclude that the doughnut reactor was somehow a " heavy water" reactor,47 and that the German scientists are already thinking in terms of a fusion.Jerry Cummin, operations officer, said.Within 48 hours Admiral Byrd had given orders which canceled the expedition and made preparations to leave Antarctica.254 moment, this explanation does bear some weight in connection with the allegations of the capabilities of German bases at the other pole.Unknown Cargoes and a Curious Airfield The Ju-390 and is smaller four-engine cousin the Ju-290 will play another important role in subsequent parts of this book.Blown off the map by Allied bombers; (2) Prague; and (3) A region of the Harz Mountains in Thuringia known to Germans as the Dreiecks or Three Corners a region encompassed by the old mediaeval towns and villages of Arnstadt, Jonastal, Wechmar, and Ohrdruf.7 One.It can now be disclosed that details of the expected effect of such a bomb were revealed in a highly secret memorandum which was sent that summer to the chiefs of Scotland Yard, chief constables of provincial forces and senior officials of the defense services.

This company, known as the Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation, was to be solely operated by Auschwitz slave labor.