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Ef76 nebulon b escort

3 A primary long-range communications array protruded from the top of the craft, 3 while the bridge was located halfway down the ship's fore.
1 The Vanguard with the Massassi Group.Imperial -class Star Destroyer.10 Admiral Raddus had at least three Nebulon-B escort frigates in his fleet when Rogue One went to Scarif to steal the Death Star plans, and participated in the subsequent battle." Wedge Antilles during the Battle of Endor src Before the formal founding of the Rebel Alliance, the escort frigate Resurgence was used by the Alderaanian Resistance forces allied with Alya Aldrete and Bail Prestor Organa.24 The criminal organization Black Sun used such a frigate around this time, where it was stationed near Vigo Lun Rask 's headquarters over Kaer.9 The Opportunity was used by Jinata Security At least one Nebulon-B, going by the name of Opportunity, served under the banner of Jinata Security, a law enforcement agency based on the planet Vardos in the Jinata system.The Nebulon-B was originally designed to defend Imperial convoys against raids by Rebel starfighters, as the Imperial Navy wasn't keen on the idea of relegating its expensive Imperial -class Star Destroyers to escort duty, and the CR90 corvettes were too weak and carried few,.10 These vessels also contained a command center køn gerningsmanden locator ri and hangar bays capable of housing light freighters, 11 several shuttles and a squadron of starfighters.Perhaps added as aftermarket additions, such hangars would enable them to carry fighters like X-wings more comfortably, and Kalla's Stanchion, a ship that could belong to this subtype of the class, has appeared in Rebel Alliance hands in an issue of Star Wars: Empire.They were often used to support larger capital ships, such as Imperial -class Star Destroyers and Rebel Mon Calamari Star Cruisers.Nebulon-B frigates were often used as convoy escorts.Although the Nebulon-B is a design showing its age and is slowly being replaced by larger governments with its stronger successor, or the newer, corona -class Frigates, it is still quite numerous.The Nebulon-B became a convoy workhorse for the.1 In addition to its medical roles, the frigates could be used for search and rescue tasks, scouting operations, combat missions, 3 anti-starfighter roles, bombardment, serving as a carrier, 2 and as an escort.It also carried powerful dual tractor beams.14 The Nebulon-B medical frigate Redemption The Rebels converted some of their Nebulon-B frigates into medical vessels, which served as mobile hospitals.
Since The Empire Strikes Back shows the "docking fixtures" to be external hardpoints on the spar between the prow superstructure and engines, it is possible that the fighters could also be carried on a rack along the spar, in the manner of Carrack -class cruisers.
It could be split open by concentrated heavy weapons fire, venting the frigate's atmosphere and killing most of the crew.
The bridge contained a holoprojector, at least four crew stations, and a primary command station.Han Solo recuperated aboard while repairing the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker briefly trained in one of the frigate's chambers before departing for Tatooine.Footage from the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II depicts the Nebulon frigate Salvation as considerably larger it dwarfs the 65 meter Rogue Shadow by an order of magnitude Appearances Edit Notes and references Edit.Empire, defending Imperial convoys against raids by Rebel starfighters.The Nebulon-B can also be found with many smaller governments and organizations).Rebel Cruiser used by the, alliance to Restore the Republic, and its successor, the, new Republic, throughout the.Nebulon-B Frigate, is a strangely-shaped ship that has a long, thin hull with its main decks hanging off the front end and the engines hanging off the rear.3 At least one frigate survived to join Rebel Fleet Command at Muster Point: Vergence, twenty days after Endor, 20 and later at Muster Point: Stalwart.Computer games and the deck-plans in The Far Orbit Project show a hangar in the forward hull, with a launch aperture in the starboard flank, but there seems to be no such opening on the model used in the movies.The ship's crew, believing them, not only surrendered the Opportunity but gave up all the information they had on Project Resurrection.1 The main medical bay on a Nebulon-B could hold up to 700 patients, and was located at the highest module at the bow of the starship.

21 Numerous Nebulon-B frigates went on to serve in the New Republic.
21 At least one was used during the Evacuation of Dac.