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Far cry 4 armed escort missions locations

far cry 4 armed escort missions locations

Genre: Action Shooter First-Person, release: Nov 18, 2014, eSRB: Mature.
X: 319, Y: 417 coordinates (Chinjan Sherpa Camp).X: 371, Y: 661 coordinates (Bhutan Gati).After the first cutscene, when you are instructed to explore the mansion, remain where you are for approximately ten minutes.Three technicals will converge at the crossroad.They can be found at the indicated coordinates.You will spawn around 320m away from the outpost with the XP you got from the enemies and the skins you got from the tigers.After you start the mission, go to the driver and get on the back of the truck.You would have gotten rid of all the radio towers and posters of Pagan Min by now if you are looking forward to more quests.
Doing this will naturally get you everything you need to upgrade your items, earn more money, and obtain free weapons.
X: 495, Y: 488 coordinates (Chal Jama Monastery).
Kill the heavy armord enemy with C4 to get 240.
X: 408, Y: 797 coordinates.
Swish a grenade into the barrels, then hop off to take out any survivors.
If there is anything missing or confusing in the guide, let us know and we will help you with.Weather balloons edit Location: x:782 y:691 Wave 1: A truck and two ATVs will come up from behind.X: 388, Y: 381 coordinates.Home flensburg bordell xbox 360 this page contains, far, cry.Fast travel back to the homestead, and the garden will be fully restocked with valuable plants.Among the enemy crowd, try and take out the rocketeer first, then the sniper and finally the heavy gunner.Royal Raksi BrewerY: X: 554, Y: 535 coordinates.You can also use this same method at any predator location (bears, bengal tigers) to quickly increase your Karma meter.The second wave is going to come at you when you are about to finish off the last items; it will reach you from the south comprising of the same vehicles as the first.

If you were loyal to Amita, you can enter Tithra for a scene.